September 23

See pictures below the day's summary

It was about an hour-plus drive from Heidelberg to Worms, where we met up with our guide, Eva Maria. Another great guide! She gave us a brief history of Worms. This is where Martin Luther came to the Diet of Worms and said that he would not recant his statements against the Pope - the famous phrase: "Here I Stand".

Our first place to visit was St. Peter's church. Oh, my gosh, this was a HUGE church - both inside and out! It was designed to be a fortress, as were many churches in those days. It is currently a Catholic church. A guy was practicing the organ while we were there, so that was neat. We finally got to hear one of the pipe organs!

According to our guide, this church had a strange layout for its time. It was closed on both the East & West side. Apparently most churches of the time had people enter in the West and the altar was on the East side. Think of the sun - it rises in the East and sets in the West. So when people enter the church in the West, they are going from dark to light (toward the sunrise) and from sin to salvation (at the altar). Interesting.

This church is the third one on this site and it's 800+ years old. One end (I think the West) is very plain and sedate, and the other end is very ornate. I think I would call it a bit gaudy even! Lots of gold figures and decorations. It was finished around 1750, after rebuilding it after a French fire.

But here's the best thing about this Catholic church! There were big stained glass windows up & down both sides of the church. The most recent stained glass window (we think from about the mid-1980's if we remember right!) had squares with a whole bunch of people. It was 4 squares wide and at least 6 squares tall. Well, the person in the square in the second row and third column was the most surprising person to ever be in a Catholic church - Martin Luther!! And not just him, but his "doctrine" as well - Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Word Alone. Our guide said that this has to be the only Catholic church with a picture of Luther inside. We tended to agree.      Oh, and it had his name beside him, so it was definitely him and not anyone else!

Back to Wurzburg (about 2½ hours) for dinner. We ate in a different place in the hotel tonight and it was kind of neat - like a wine cellar or something and we were sitting at a long table. Kind of rustic down there, but mostly stone. It was neat. But hot & loud - it was hard to hear any particular conversation. Of course, the wine probably didn't make things any cooler! Yeah, I'm splurging on some wine.      It's not been quite a year since my weight loss surgery, but I had a glass last night and one tonight. They serve the glass and then some extra in a carafe. The glass was plenty for me, so Dad got my extra. He loved having me around for times like these!   

Tomorrow to Rothenburg and Augsburg. I don't know if Rothenburg has anything to do with Luther or not, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow.   


Dad having a beer in the bus on the way to Worms. On the way to Worms Worms - here we come!
St. Peter's Cathedral in Worms (also called Worms Cathedral). This is a Catholic Church. Entrance to St. Peter's Cathedral A side view of St. Peter's Cathedral
Our Worms guide, Eva Maria The steeples/towers of St. Peter's Cathedral Close-up of the figures on the left side of the entrance to St. Peter's
The figures on the right side of the entrance Moving up the entrance on the left hand side Right hand side of the entrance
Figures above the door These are the figures on the right hand side of the door. Notice the pregnant woman on the bottom right - the picture of motherly love. Now check out the next picture... This is the back side of the pregnant woman - she's got rodents & creepy things all over - the picture of good & evil. Very interesting sculpture.
Inside St. Peter's Cathedral. This side of the church was very flashy (and almost gaudy with all that gold!) This is the opposite side of the church - much more plain and sedate. Organ pipes at St. Peter's Cathedral
A stained glass window in St. Peter's Cathedral Zooming in on the stained glass window - who is that guy in the middle?? Martin Luther and his doctrine - Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Word Alone - on display in a Catholic Church!   
Looking up one of the towers of St. Peter's Cathedral St. Peter's Cathedral - this is the "plain" side of the inside of the church The small black holes in the bricks are for the birds to have a place to nest. I'm guessing PETA was involved in this one!   
A courtyard in Worms Our guide, Eva Maria, explaining what Martin Luther did while in Worms Showing a picture of what Worms might have looked like in Martin Luther's time
Martin Luther came to the Diet of Worms and said that he would NOT recant his statements against the Pope - it was here that he coined the famous phrase "Here I stand" I don't remember what this document is. Must be something that happened in Worms though.    Kind of a cool shot of the "Here I Stand" plaque with Dad's feet in the picture
A giant monument to the Lutheran Reformers in Worms. Of course, Martin Luther is the big guy in the middle!    Martin Luther Dad and the big Martin Luther monument
Philip Melanchthon Dad and Angie This is one of the people on the outside edge of the monument. I don't remember who it represents, but notice the broken sword.
Also on the outside edge of the monument. She represented a group of women, but I don't remember what they did. I don't know what she represents either. Guess I should have written more of this down, huh?    Luther's famous quote: "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me."
The Lutheran church in Worms - it was very modern and new inside! The stained glass windows show biblical scenes. The organ pipes surrounding a mosaic of Luther before the Pope. A big bust of Martin Luther in the entrance/exit of the Lutheran church.
Jenny having fun with Martin    The bridge on the way out of the city of Worms