Arrival in Rome

September 29

See pictures below the day's summary

Our flight from Munich to Rome was at 8:20am. We asked the guy at the reception desk what time we should catch the shuttle and he said 6:30am would be fine. It seemed a little late to me, but we decided to trust him. And, just a head's up - it did turn out to be okay.   

Unfortunately though, breakfast wasn't served until 6:30am, so we didn't get breakfast today. But, we figured we'd either eat a protein bar or grab something at the airport to eat. Turns out that we had grabbed a couple of pastries from the reception desk when we checked in, and then didn't eat them last night, so we ate these when we first got up.

We got to the airport easy enough. The driver dropped us off right at the GermanWings door (that's the name of the airline we were taking to Rome). We were the second people in line, and got called up to the computer quickly. The lady punched our stuff in and got our bags checked. There was only one problem - when I bought the tickets about a year ago, I had said that we'd each have one bag. Only now we had the one extra one, so that was three altogether. Mine weighed 14.9kg, Dad's was 16.9kg, and the extra one was 14.7kg. So we were allowed 2 bags and a grand total of 40kg (20kg for each bag reported). Anyway, because we had the extra bag (and extra weight) we had to go over to the ticket counter and pay something extra. No problem - an extra bag on Delta was 55€, so we expected something similar. Yeah, no such luck!! It was 100€ for our extra bag!! That's about $140USD! We asked the gal for an explanation of why it was so much and she said it was 20€ for the extra bag, plus 80€ for being overweight. We were allowed 40kg and our bags totaled 47kg, and 7kg overweight was 80€. So 100€ altogether. So that kind of got our day started off bad. But, what could we have done? I could have said we'd have 3 bags when I bought the tickets a year ago, but how would I have known that? It was just kind of a bummer.

Anyway, we got on the plane to Köln-Bonn (Cologne, Germany) and everything went well. It was 3-aisle-3 seating and we ended up with nobody beside us, so we had an empty middle seat. The flight was 50 minutes.

In Köln-Bonn, we had about a 3 hour layover. We went to a coffee shop and Dad ordered a coffee. We sat inside, so we'd have a table where we could write some postcards. The coffee shop was expensive - 3.60€, I think, but Dad said it was the best coffee he's had since he's been here - straight black and hot. So that's good at least. He had another cup later - so about $10USD for 2 coffees. Kind of ridiculous.

We caught our plane to Rome at about 1:50pm. So about ½ late. It was the same 3-aisle-3 setup and we were lucky enough to have an empty middle seat again. We bought the "meal" on the plane for our lunch, so we had a BLT sandwich, a pop, and a chocolate bar. Dad had a beer instead of the pop. He said it was "okay" not the best though.

We landed in Rome only about 10 minutes late (3:30pm instead of 3:20pm), so that wasn't bad. But it took forever for our luggage to show up! Actually, it took forever for anyone's bags to show up, and then ours seemed to be on the back end of the bags. But, they all showed up and we were looking for our driver around 4:30pm. We had hired a driver from our hotel, so had a private pickup. It cost 50€, but was worth every penny! Rome is a much "scarier" city than Munich.      The driver didn't speak a word of English though, so that was kind of a bummer. But he got us here safely, so that was a blessing!

The hotel is called the Domus Sessoriana - and it's beside a church and a monastery. One building, all connected. So that's kinda neat. It seems to be on the edge of a bad part of town though - kind of a lot of graffiti and stuff. So we know when we go out, we go the other direction!

The room is really tiny, but we each have our own bed, so that's good.      Twin beds though and it's been several years since I've slept in a twin bed! We're on the 4th floor and look out into the little plaza in front of the church. Kind of a busy street out front though, so it will be kind of a loud night.

We asked the gal at the reception desk where a good place to go to dinner was and there's one about a 5-minute walk down the street. It wasn't too bad. Not the best, but okay. I had a "Danish Steak" and Dad had fish. The one good thing is that I could just get the meat and didn't have to get a lot of other stuff that I can't eat much of anyway. Dad got a side of grilled veggies. The total dinner was 52€, plus a tip. So kinda spendy, but we ought to be getting used to that by now!   

After dinner, we walked to a little bakery across the street from our hotel. Holy cow! They had a huge selection of pastries and cookies! Probably a hundred different varieties. Amazing and yummy looking. But, we ended up getting ice cream instead.      I had cherry and Dad had chocolate.

Tomorrow we have our Vatican tour and the Necropolis/Scavi tour. I have no idea what "Scavi" means, but that's what it's called.      The tour starts at 8:45am, but they ask us to be there at 8:30. We asked the gal at reception and there is a Metro stop a couple of blocks away that we can catch. Tickets are 1€ for 75 minutes and it takes about 25 minutes to get to the Vatican stop. Unfortunately, breakfast here doesn't even start until 7:30am, so we'll miss out on breakfast tomorrow. We might plan to try something from the bakery though. It won't be protein, but it will be tasty!


This was a little coffee shop that we stopped at in the Köln-Bonn airport. Notice the name of the place. Cool, huh? Angie at the Leys Leysieffer This is our Rome hotel and all our traveling paraphernalia!