September 23

See pictures below the day's summary

First I have to add one more thing about yesterday - one of those "most embarrassing moments" for sure! So as we were leaving Coburg Fortress, we had one last chance to use the restroom. So I'm following a group of 3-4 people down there (I'm the last in line) and we go through this door and I'm thinking to myself that it must open up into men's & women's bathrooms inside. Uh, yeah, it didn't. It was the men's bathroom! I see 3 or so guys standing at the urinals (thankfully with their backs to me!!) and I say in a this too-high-pitched voice "Oh, my gosh, this is the men's bathroom!" And then I leave as quick as I came in - or probably quicker!      Then I went to the ladies' room (right next door) and prayed that the color would leave my face soon! Sheesh!

Okay, so now on to today. Breakfast this morning was at 8am and we left for Heidelberg at 9am. I had a little sandwich for breakfast - meat & cheese & cucumber.

Seems like it was about an hour and a half to Heidelberg, although to be honest, the days and places are starting to run together! We went first to the Castle Ruins. Still impressive, but definitely not livable. Damaged by many things - wars, fires, etc. It was definitely designed to be a fortress though - thick walls, a dry moat around it, high up on a hill.

I don't remember the names of who lived there, but a prince had a gate/arch built for his wife for her 19th birthday. It was put-up overnight as a birthday surprise. It was beautiful, and somehow, not in ruins.

Our local guide's name was Valerie. She was good, knew her stuff, but needed to talk a little louder. She was very hard to hear.

Also at the Castle Ruins is the largest wine barrel in the world. And, yes, it is HUGE! Takes up a whole big room! It was 21 feet wide and 28 feet long. And holds 56,000 gallons of wine! Our guide said that the vineyards had to pay a "tax" of sorts and donate some of their wine to this barrel. All the different wines were mixed, some folks added water or juice, and it was generally super bad stuff.

Luther was here for the Heidelberg Disputation in 1518 (very early in his career!). It was a disputation on the subject of indulgences, and was significant because it advanced Luther's realization that the Medieval Roman Catholic Church was at odds with the Bible.

We bought lunch in Heidelberg and ate it on the bus on the way to Worms. A bakery was recommended by Valerie, so we had a sandwich (ham & cheese) from there. I also bought a delightful looking cookie - two layers of a sugar cookie type with raspberry jam in-between and powdered sugar on top. It was yummy! It kinda tasted like the rosettes that Fro used to make.


A cute little town on the way to Heidelberg Heidelberg - here we come! Taking the bus up the narrow streets to the Heidelberg Castle
Walking the rest of the way up the hill Panoramic view from Heidelberg Castle - absolutely beautiful Close-up of the town of Heidelberg
Angie & Bruce at Heidelberg Castle You can see how high the Castle wall is Church steeple in Heidelberg
Map showing old-town Heidelberg and the castle Inner castle ruins A tower & tiny moat inside Heidelberg Castle
  Angie listening intently to our Heidelberg guide, Valerie The prince built this arch for his wife for her 19th birthday - it was put up overnight as a surprise for her!
Close-up of the top of the arch. The Prince & Princess must have been Frederick & Elizabeth.    Bill (in the sunglasses & plaid shirt) and the rest of the group waiting for everyone to catch up
Dad's in the background waiting.    One of the fortress walls A unique door into the castle
One of the fairly well preserved buildings at the Heidelberg Castle Another picture of our guide, Valerie Notice the sun-dial on the building
Closer picture of the sun-dial I have no idea how you tell what time it is! The picture was taken at 12:01pm (noon) Neat shot of the fairly well preserved building
Dad Group photo Entrance to the museum at Heidelberg Castle
What a neat open wall with all the sculptures When we first walked into the museum, we thought this was the biggest wine barrel in the world But we were wrong! The one in the next room was A LOT bigger! That's Dad up on the top of the barrel.       Bummer that the pictures are so blurry in here.
Dad taking a picture of me from the top of the wine barrel. Too bad I didn't know he was doing it so I could wave or something! The stairs coming down from the wine barrel This guy did something funny every couple seconds, but Dad was the one who saw him, so I'm not sure what he did.
Angie coming up the stairs from the wine barrel Dad & the giant wine barrel The Heidelberg scenery is beautiful
Bruce & Angie with Heidelberg in the background This unique window looks out of place with the remaining ruined walls  
A simple fountain inside Heidelberg Castle The stairs to the train that we took from the Castle into downtown Heidelberg It was pretty full, so Dad got to stand
Angie, Sharman, and George on the train Welcome to downtown Heidelberg! Note the Heidelberg Castle up on the hill. A HUGE beautiful church in Heidelberg - it is The Church of the Holy Spirit (not a Lutheran church   )
Angie in downtown Heidelberg Dad and The Church of the Holy Spirit A street in Heidelberg
Looking up at the tower at The Church of the Holy Spirit The Hotel Ritter in Heidelberg, built in 1592. No, we didn't stay here. What's that say at the top of the Hotel Ritter building?
Soli Deo Gloria - To God Alone Be The Glory Entrance to The Church of the Holy Spirit Inside The Church of the Holy Spirit
Waiting for the rest of the group to show up at the end of our tour Final view of Heidelberg Castle