September 17th - October 2nd, 2010

My dad and I were going to take a trip in 2009 and we did research on where to go - Greece? Egypt? Germany? They all had their good points, but we found that 2010 was the year for the original Passion Play in Oberammergau AND it was the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest in Munich! So, we decided that our trip would be in 2010 and we'd be going to Germany. I think our countdown started in the high 400's - a lot of days to wait - but it was worth it! We wanted to be gone for two weeks, so we added on a few days in Rome. At any rate, the countdown had started and we were saving all of our spare cash!

At last the day arrived...and we were off on our adventure!

This page is organized by the days of our trip. Click on each day and a new page will open where you can read about that day and see the pictures we took

Berlin   September 18 - 19

Wittenberg & Leipzig   September 20

Eisleben & Erfurt   September 21

Eisenach   September 22

Coburg   September 22

Heidelberg   September 23

Worms   September 23

Rothenburg & Augsburg   September 24

Neuschwanstein Castle & Zugspitze   September 25

Oberammergau   September 26

Oktoberfest   September 27

Munich   September 28

Arrival in Rome   September 29

Vatican City   September 30

Rome   October 1

Going back home   October 2