September 22

See pictures below the day's summary

We left Erfurt this morning at about 9am. Heading to Eisenach and the Wartburg Castle. I think it was about an hour and a half drive.

It was a hike up to Wartburg Castle! You could take a mini-shuttle (van) to the top for 2€, but Dad and I opted to walk. It was a lot of stairs and uphill paved walking. Several of the group probably wished they would have taken the shuttle, but like one of the ladies said: "I didn't want to feel like a wimp".      Quite a few more people took the shuttle down than up though!

Wartburg Castle is where Martin Luther stayed for 10 months. I think he was in hiding, but might have to check a history book for the reason   . Anyway, while here, he translated the entire New Testament into German in only 10 weeks! There must have been nothing else to do here!   

We saw several rooms in the castle - The Lord's Room (as in the male royalty), the dining room, the Lady's Room (as in the female royalty), and a Banquet Hall. The Lady's Room was amazing - it was a gift of some prince or emperor or someone and was done completely in mosaics - and much of the mosaic was gold! Our guide (I don't remember his name) said that it was real gold, and I want to say there were over 200,000 pieces of it in this room! It was incredibly sparkle-y. The Banquet Hall was quite large. Set up for a concert or something. There were 3 fireplaces on the left side of the room (when facing the front) and the middle one had an old style flag - done in the German colors (red, black, and gold/yellow). The Banquet Hall was so impressive that King Ludwig modeled a room in the Neuschwanstein Castle after it.


Our bus driver, Josef On the way to Eisenach Eisenach, here we come!
We'll drive through Eisenach before we head to the Wartburg Castle Eisenach Wartburg Castle in the background
Climbing the mountain up to the Wartburg Castle We drove up the mountain a ways, and then it was a long walk up the rest of the way - but we all made it! View from the grounds around the Wartburg Castle
Bruce & Angie outside the Wartburg Castle The Wartburg Castle Bruce & Angie with a different view from the Wartburg
View from the Wartburg Zooming in on a unique building Bruce & Angie with the Wartburg Castle in the background
A section of the Wartburg A tower at the Wartburg The entrance ticket to the Wartburg Castle
Map of the Wartburg, on the back of our ticket This is our guide at the Wartburg, but I don't remember his name. We are in the first room. These are the actual steps that Luther walked on while he was here translating the New Testament into German
The "Lady's Room" at Wartburg Castle (that's Lady, like Lord & Lady, like royalty. Not like the bathroom!      A close-up of the ceiling in the Lady's Room - the entire room was done in real gold mosaic. Very sparkly and beautiful. Our guide in one of the chapels in the Wartburg
Dad in the chapel at the Wartburg Castle Our guide was explaining something about this picture, but for the life of me, I can't remember what! This picture was of the King. I think he's the one in red standing by himself.
The Banquet Hall at the Wartburg. A different king, King Ludwig, modeled a room in the Neuschwanstein Castle after this Wartburg Banquet Hall. So pay attention, you'll see it later! The right hand side of the Banquet Hall Armour, no doubt used at the Wartburg at some point!
Almost complete knight armour Exit to Luther's Room Bill & Pat taking a picture in the Exit to Luther's Room
Description of Luther's Room Close-up of the English paragraph describing Luther's Room I'm not sure who these guys are, but they look important, don't they?     
Martin Luther as Squire George (he was called this when he was translating the New Testament here in the Wartburg). Art by Lucas Cranach. Martin Luther's Dad & Mom. Also by Lucas Cranach. Several of Luther's books on display
The tile stove in Luther's Room Luther's Desk - notice the painting of Squire George Note the chunks out of the wall by the stove - supposedly Luther threw a bottle of ink against the wall here and his followers took pieces of the wall as souvenirs in the 16th center.
Jim & Dad catching a photo of something from the bus Leaving the Wartburg Castle