September 22

See pictures below the day's summary

Our tour of the Wartburg Castle got done about 12:30pm and we headed to Coburg Veste. I have no idea what "Veste" means, but that's what they called it. I think we call it Coburg Fortress. Unfortunately, there was no lunch stop in the plans, but Dad asked about it and convinced them that since dinner wasn't until 8pm tonight and breakfast was at 8am this morning, we should stop somewhere because "there are some people on this bus who need to eat". So, we ended up stopping at McD's and grabbing something quick to-go. Josef even gave us his permission to eat on the bus.      He's our driver - and quite a good one!

Okay, so we get to Coburg and it's a little uphill walk - nowhere near the Wartburg walk! Coburg Fortress was very neat, way neater than I expected. Our guide's name was Ulrike. She was quite good, as well.

We saw one of the original copies of the 95 Theses that was printed. Neat. We noticed that there were only 87 of them though and couldn't figure out where the others went. But Karin, our trusty guide, went and asked. I had said that I had noticed 87 at the one hanging in the The Castle Church in Wittenberg, so it must be right. But where are the others? What Karin found out was that some numbers are used twice - so there really are 95 of them, even though the highest number listed is 87. Interesting. I'll have to check it out on the next copy I see.

There was a full size painting of Martin Luther, done by Lucas Cranach, the younger (he used paintings that his dad did of Martin Luther for reference). It was on the right. On the left was a full size painting of Prince George of Anhalt, also by Lucas Cranach, the younger. I have no idea who this guy was, but he was in the "Reformation Pose", so he must have done something good.   

We headed to our hotel in Wurzburg. It was about an hour drive, I think. Very nice hotel! Right in downtown too. Really narrow streets though, so the bus wasn't able to get all the way to the hotel, so we walked about a block. No problem though, because so far, every hotel has brought our luggage to the room for us. That's pretty nice.   

We had salmon for dinner tonight, which was good, except that it was fish.      Oh, and cream of carrot soup! I tried a couple of bites and it was actually quite good. Last night at the buffet, there was cream of horseradish soup which people said was very good too. Interesting!

Tomorrow we go to Heidelberg and Worms and then another night at this hotel in Wurzburg. It's going to be another long day though - we are leaving at 8:45am (at the latest) and then have dinner at 8:00 tomorrow night again.

Speaking of late night, it's 11:17 now and I'm going to get ready for bed!


Grabbing a quick lunch on the bus on the way to Coburg. Yeah, it's McDonald's.    Scenery on the way to Coburg Coburg, here we come! Sorry for all the bug splats on the windshield!   
Veste Coburg (I think Veste means "Fortress") Approaching Veste Coburg Veste Coburg (there was lots of construction/restoration)
Cute little tower on the Veste Coburg grounds (hopefully the tree was smaller so you could actually see something from the tower!)    Hopefully you don't get caught under this gate when it's closing! Info about Veste Coburg
Walking in to the Veste Coburg Altar in the Veste Coburg, Luther's Chapel. Notice the crucifix on the altar and how it matches the painting. Neat. Ceiling in Luther's Chapel
Our Coburg guide, Ulrike Stained glass of Martin Luther (in the middle) I'm not sure who is holding the organ pipes, but I like the visual of it
Altar area at Veste Coburg Painting of Martin Luther. I think it's by Lucas Cranach, the Younger, who did paintings of Luther based on the ones done by his father. Neat hourglass
Unique drawing of Martin Luther, not a painting Full size painting of Martin Luther. This was for sure done by Lucas Cranach, the Younger This is Prince George of Anhalt. I have no idea what he did, but he's in the classic "Reformation pose", so it must have been something good!   
A door at Veste Coburg. Note the Luther Roses at the top. Wood carving of Jesus More art at Veste Coburg
Oven Knight armor on display at Veste Coburg Swords on display at Veste Coburg
More wood carvings. I'm not sure who this is - maybe Peter & Paul? I'm not exactly sure what it says around this door frame, but obviously something about Martin Luther.    More artifacts at Veste Coburg
Part of a completely wood carved room. It was absolutely beautiful!   Notice the depth of the ceiling
Walking the dogs.    Dad taking a break in the wood carved room Angie in the wood carved room
Different part of the ceiling in the wood carved room at Veste Coburg A 32-second video of the wood carved room A 13-second video of the stove & a little more of the wood carved room
Mary & Jesus wood carving We'll see Luther & Melanchthon in the next picture Wood carvings of Luther & Melanchthon
Communion chalices (and I'm not sure what that other big thing is!)   Martin & Katie Luther
Martin Luther Katie Luther Der Schmerzensmannes is Christ With The Crown Of Thorns, by Lucas Cranach
Christ With The Crown Of Thorns, Lucas Cranach A different view (the blue background is a reflection - it's really black like the last picture shows Close-up of Jesus' hands and side wounds
Martin Luther Katie Luther Mary & Jesus
Judas betraying Jesus I had to put this one in because the babies are so ugly! And if you know me well, you know there's not too many babies that I think are ugly.    Sign for the next picture: The cover shows The Ascension. The book is from approximately 1555.
This book cover was beautifully carved Angie & Bruce on the grounds of Veste Coburg This building was near the entrance/exit